4 Ways To Improve Lead Generation Emails

In the world of online marketing, email is an efficient and effective way to increase sales. Having a website is no longer sufficient. With the help of Dotto’s lead generation, you can get in touch with your audience immediately after they visit your website. The main goal of a lead generation email campaign is to educate potential customers on your products/service and establish credibility about your company.

There are so many benefits to creating a lead generation email campaign. Like increasing your email list, capturing more potential customers and making sure that you can stay in touch with them for any future needs. Most marketers don’t know how to effectively design lead generation emails that will actually get results. Because of this, they fail at getting the leads/sales they are hoping for.

Here are four ways to improve your lead generation email campaign.

1. Tailing Your Lead Generation Emails

Your lead generation email should provide value to your subscribers, so they will be more willing to share their contact information with you. Good marketing practice is including a link at the bottom of your emails that goes directly to an offer for something related but tangential to the email itself. This “tailing” method gives readers what they’re looking for, and at the same time provides you with a valuable lead generation email that is more likely to get opened.

Segmentation is also necessary for tailing your lead generation emails. If you are sending out an email to let them know that there will be a sale on pink sweaters this week, then don’t include the offer at the bottom of your email to buy green scarves. This is not what they want and will only serve to turn potential leads away. Types of segmentation you can use include:

    • Demographic – filter by age and gender
    • Psychographic – filter by lifestyle and interests
    • Behavioral – filter by online or offline activity
    • Geographical – filter by home location
    • Frequency – filter by how often a user receives your emails
    • Subject Line – filter by what they opened or clicked on in a previous email

2. Provide Quality Resources

Your email lead generation campaign should not be about you. When you write your emails, think of it as though you are writing to a friend. You wouldn’t send an email telling your friends all of your personal problems so put yourself in their shoes before sending them an email for the purpose of getting them on your email list. No one cares about your problems.

Your lead generation emails should provide value, not distract from your main task. How can you do this?

    • Unique Content- share what is new and interesting.
    • Tools- share what you think they will find useful.
    • Don’t Spam
    • Any unwanted content can scare away potential leads.

3. Don’t Distract From Your Main Ask

You should always have a goal when you’re writing your lead generation emails. Don’t lose sight of what it is that you are trying to accomplish by sending out these emails. If your main goal is to sell them something, then make sure they know about it and make it as easy as possible. Make the call-to-action clear and easy to find from the article.

For you not to distract from your main task, you should not send out an email without a clear goal. You wouldn’t want to send a lead generation email to a group of people if you don’t have a specific goal in mind. The last thing you want is them thinking that it’s spam and deleting the message as soon as they receive it.

4. Write For Skimmers

You should remember that a lead generation email is a marketing tool, not a book. Many people won’t read every word of your mail and some might even skip over certain phrases or sentences altogether. You have to be aware of this when writing your emails. In order for these potential leads to engage with your content, they must be able to understand what you are saying in a couple of seconds or less.

A concise and clear language will help to ensure that your lead generation emails get read by skimmers who want to know more about what you have to offer. If you take the time to be concise in your writing, then they’ll be more likely to pass it along or at the very least, read it all the way through. Adding bullet points or numbered lists can also help your audience to comprehend your message more easily and efficiently.

Making these changes to your lead generation emails will help you make more conversions and gain more subscribers. Tail your marketing emails with relevant information, provide quality resources, don’t spam, and write for skimmers. By doing this, you can improve your email open rates.


If you have any questions about lead generation, creating email campaigns, or Dotto’s Lead Generation features, please feel free to reach out to us or by email at

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