Real Time Identity Graph

Dotto was originally created as a solution for a client looking to learn more about each individual visitor on their website. Who they are, what they did on their website, & where they dropped off. We realized that most website analytics tools give you a summary of your overall traffic without a bird’s eye view on the individual visitor.

Dotto enables marketers to track every user, click, event, & conversion on their website in real time. It is lightweight & frictionless so you don’t have to worry about slowing down your website. While our competitors capture your data with their pixels/cookies and rent it back to you for a short period, we provide your data indefinitely. 

No lag, no delays, no disruptions; giving your complete control of your data to use however you’d like.

Since our launch in 2020, Dotto has grown into something even bigger by partnering with one of the top email marketing softwares and several other data networks. Our lead generation tool allows you to safely re-engage anonymous visitors in real time, one-to-one, fully compliant interactions. Dotto will grow your email database with endless opportunities to educate, sell, & promote your product/service. 

Have any questions or feedback? You can always reach us directly through email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dotto CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Dotto is 100% compliant with all applicable laws and regulations in the USA including CCPA and CAN-SPAM.  Every lead has opted in on partner websites and consented to receive emails from our partner network.

For more information on CAN-SPAM including the legal definitions and how they're relevant to Dotto, click here.

Do I have to pay for emails already on my lists?

No, you don’t pay for duplicate emails. You can upload your current email database and before we charge you for a contact, we will check your list first to make sure none of those contacts are on your list. When we integrate Dotto with your ESP, all of your contacts will be suppressed automatically.

What percentage of my traffic will you be able to identify & how many contacts will i get each day?

The percent of identifiable traffic changes by brand, industry, and by day. We recommend trying it out to get an idea of what your average daily match rate will be.

What contact information do i get with each lead?

Dotto provides the following: full name, email address, postal address, time on site, landing page title, landing-page url, and referrer.

Is this kind of like web retargeting? Can I use Dotto to replace my web-retargeting?

Yes, Dotto is a more effective form of retargeting. Instead of retargeting with ads like Google and Facebook do (where you pay for every ad click), Dotto provides you with an email address (which you pay for once) and you can follow up with this contact as much as you want.

Is this like abandon cart emails?

Your current abandoned cart program only sends emails to recipients who have abandoned their cart, but are already on your email list. Running an abandoned cart program with Dotto will allow you to identify and retarget the recipients who are abandoning their cart but NOT already on your current list.

Will i get a lot of spam complaints?

You could, but most of our customers see high engagement and low complaint rates. We recommend putting the script on high intent pages to help weed out the contacts who visit your site by accident or bounce quickly without clicking around. We also recommend introducing these recipients to your brand through a welcome series and including your best performing offers to help with conversion.

How quickly does Dotto start working?

Dotto starts working as soon as you add it to your website! Contact us to get started today!