real-time analytics

Dive Deeper Into User Journeys

Dotto logs every user, action, & event on your website from the moment of installation.

View individual paths to purchase to understand how consumers interact with marketing and content.

User-Level Tracking

Monitor email, display, search, & social campaigns at the individual user level.

Uphold Privacy

Maintain compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and your own ethics. Anonymize IPs & more.

100% Accurate Data

Zero data sampling so you can make impactful decisions with 100% accurate reporting.

Accurate Insights

Measure the marketing that is effectively reaching new people and bringing them to your website.

Cost Effective Acquisition

Understand which marketing strategy is driving conversions from the very first digital touchpoint.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Quickly identify campaigns that are not performing efficiently and/or bringing in low-quality leads.

Evaluate A/B Testing

Track which ads/emails are getting the most clicks and segments generating the most sales.

Multi-Domain Tracking

Optimize your marketing funnel by tracking users and conversions on multiple domains with ease.

Spy Feature

Watch every click & pageview from visitors that are on your website right now.

“Dotto has given us access to data we’ve never had before.. Now we can visualize every step of the customer’s journey and identify market trends across all networks. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to scale in the same capacity we have.”

Madeline Finaly

Director of operations, Bellion Spirits